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The end of HCGames
Posted by Gullible on Fri Feb 24 13:51:34 EST 2017


It's been a while since you've heard from any of us and I fully understand why a lot of you are angry which is why i'm about to say what i'm going to say, HCGames will be closing down within the next few weeks. This is not a decision that has been made hastley and something that has had a lot of thought over the past few weeks.

Obviously we've been working on other projects which has left us with no time to run HCGames. HCGames was starting to become a chore to us rather than...

My Resignation
Posted by Config on Thu Feb 23 10:00:02 EST 2017

To start with, I'm going to keep this short & simple as I really don't want to write an essay on me leaving. But I'll explain myself and my reasoning later in the post.

First off, I'm not mad or upset with @Delta or @Gullible. They're great guys that I wish the best of luck for with the network. I've been thinking about this for the past month or so and I've finally grew the balls to do it.

I've not been doing much at HCGames or Hydra recently. I am able to...

Please Read
Posted by Omar192 on Wed Feb 22 04:01:00 EST 2017

This part applies for everyone:

On behalf of the entire staff team, we apologize for the events that have taken place these last 24 hours. The damage is a lot, but it is an easy fix, basically a few commands will get us back on track. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

This only applies if you're staff:

Due to the recent events that have taken place these past 24 hours, please message me...

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