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The Future of HCGames v2
Posted by Coby on Tue Mar 14 21:43:37 EDT 2017

Hey all,

Curtis and I are proud to announce the future of the server is now looking bright. Throughout the past week or so we've been working with the server and making sure it's what you guys want. With this, we'd like to announce some exciting news!

First, we'd like to introduce Huahwi (https://www.youtube.com/user/huahwi123) as an owner of this new network. His channel is mainly focused around competitive PvP which compliments the style of play we're looking for. Huahwi will...

The future of HCGames
Posted by Curtis on Thu Mar 02 21:25:38 EST 2017


So as you guys are most likely aware, HCGames was going to be closed down due to them having no interest in running it anymore since they had acquired another network.

I am happy to announce that @Coby and I have now taken over the ownership of HCGames.

We are extremely excited to take ownership of this network and looking forward to work with you, the community, on not only growing the network but improving it with your help. We have been developing and managing...

The end of HCGames
Posted by Gullible on Thu Mar 02 17:53:26 EST 2017


It's been a while since you've heard from any of us and I fully understand why a lot of you are angry which is why i'm about to say what i'm going to say, HCGames will be closing down within the next few weeks. This is not a decision that has been made hastley and something that has had a lot of thought over the past few weeks.

Obviously we've been working on other projects which has left us with no time to run HCGames. HCGames was starting to become a chore to us rather than...

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