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Our trailer is here. If you'd like to re-upload, feel free. You will be entered in to a rank giveaway. Information can be found below.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?kn39fqvzzduk8ff
Title: MAP FOUR - hcgames.org
Description: http://hastebin.com/alawadicax.sql

Please leave a link to your trailer below so we can add you to the giveaway.
Important MAP 4 SOTW INFO
This post is to give some information on the end of the map and next map, map 4. The beta map has went great and has allowed us to do extensive bug testing. Almost all bugs discovered in the beta map are patched and will no longer be present in map 4.

ELITE RANK GIVEAWAY: https://twitter.com/hcgamesnetwork/status/788885081972740096

Map Four
SOTW will occur next Saturday, at 1 PM EST. You can use google to find out what time that is in your timezone.

The map kit for this map is protection 2, sharpness 2.
The faction cap for this map is 25 man, 0 ally.

Changelog and Additions
We have added lots of features for this map and have fixed all known bugs.

We've made various changes to the map itself. We've implemented lots more sugar cane around the map and made sure lava, gravel and spawners are in the map.

Bug Fixes
  • /f stuck will now teleport you to a safe location.
  • Mob stacking will now merge stacks rather than stacking in three.
  • Bard class will no longer randomly lose the speed effect.
  • Pearling into blocks has hopefully been patched.
  • Hunger bar will no longer go down upon entering the end.
  • Any bugs related to archer tagging have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where fire aspect wouldn't work

  • You can now break and place blocks after 300 blocks out.
  • Archer tag sugar is now displaced on the scoreboard.
  • Knockback has been modified.
  • 1.8 tab support
  • Lots of "behind the scenes" additions.

As stated above, this will be our Halloween map consisting of lots of new features. Features we're implementing for this map will be listed below:
  • Pumpkins will now flicker on and off all around the map.
  • Added lava pools, spooky trees and pumpkins all around the map.
  • Mobs will have a chance of spawning with a pumpkin in their head.
  • Bats will spawn around the map a lot more frequently.
  • Endermen will be holding...
This post is written to quickly summarize the differences between the newly introduced youtuber rank and the previous media rank. This is written as I've received lots of questions about the two ranks and the requirements.

Due to the requirements never really being set in stone, the youtuber rank requirements are as follows:
  • Over 1,000 active subscribers averaging 500+ views per video.
  • 3 episodes on the server in the last 3 months.

The youtuber rank will receive almost no perks other than a prefix and the ability to advertise their videos on the server in chat. We may update the list as time goes on.

The requirements for the Media rank are as follows:
  • Over 5,000 active subscribers averaging 1,000+ views per video.
  • 3 episodes on the server in the last 3 months.

No exceptions will be made regarding the youtuber rank, however some may be made regarding media. All users that currently have media will be under review very soon.

Applications for the YouTube rank will be added to the forum within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.
At the moment, we've a lot of staff, but lacking EU staff for the night times and early mornings.

If you have applied before, and it was submitted more than 3 weeks ago, feel free to resubmit your application - don't forget to improve it if you were denied because of your application.

We'll be reviewing applications over the next few days, starting today.

If you would like to apply, click here to start a form.

Keep in mind, just because you're EU and you apply, does not guarantee you a spot on our team. We have very high standards and we'd like to keep it that way. We're not dropping our expectations just so that we can hire more staff. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks.
EDIT: We have since spoke to our host and resolved the issue. We're fixing a few security issues and then we'll be back up, ETA - 10 mins.

EDIT-2: The issue has since been resolved, HCF is back online.


One of our machines have expired which has caused our network to come inaccessible. OVH is currently investigating an issue which prevents the machine from starting up, once we receive some more information we will update you.

There will be no rollback on HCF, no data lost as far as we are aware.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.
As you are aware, we are currently doing a beta map for HCF. This is going to come with its fair share of bugs.

Please leave a threat breifly explaining what the bug is. If someone else has left your bug, please do not make another thread.

HCGames Ownership Team
So, we're going to be hosting a beta map for the next few weeks to test out a bunch of new features that we've been preparing for a while.

The reason we're doing a beta map and not going straight to map 4, is because last map there were lots of issues, most of which were patched. However, we don't want to have another buggy map, so we're testing out our new features in this beta map to make sure we're prepared.

We've also re-coded a large part of our Core plugin and have split our factions plugin from our core, making things easier to maintain, fix, and update.

New Features, Changes and Enhancements
  • Faction rotation cooldown has been reduced to 6 hours instead of the previous 24 hours.
  • Archer effects appear on scoreboard.
  • Archer class can now use a feather to give themselves jump boost 4 for 10 seconds.
  • Conquest and Fury now show latest point updates on scoreboard.
  • /helpop and /request have been added.
  • Automatic broadcast system has been added.
  • Archer tagged players now have a dark red name for all players.
  • Fast smelt has been re-added.
  • New anti phase and v-clip plugin has been added.
  • Various new admin tools to prevent staff abuse have been implemented.

Bug Fixes and Patches
  • 2 letter names can now join any faction.
  • Memory leak and TPS issues have been fixed.
  • Archer kit issues have been fixed.
  • EOTW KOTH is now automatically started after the timer ends.
  • Glowstone mountain no longer spams chat.
  • Players getting stuck in blocks after enderpearling or in general has been patched.

I think that's about all in terms of bug fixes and changes, however one thing I would like to show off, is a few of our new builds.

The end is much larger this map and has more spawners. It also looks a lot nicer than last map's end (which was built by @Gullible and @Delta, so please excuse their pathetic building skills)...
We thought we'd make a public discord so that players could chat to each other in a more casual way, and so that players could give their server feedback to staff much more easily.

You can click here to join the discord.

Have fun! :)
I'm here to announce that this weekend will be our map 3 end of the world.

  • EOTW will commence and all factions will be set raidable.
  • All death bans will be cleared. Anyone who dies after this time will be death banned for the rest of the map.
  • End will be disabled.
  • Mob spawning will be disabled.
  • PVP timers will be removed.

2:20 PM EST

  • EOTW event will start with a 30 minute capture time.

The faction that captures the EOTW event will be given a $100 coupon code to spend between the faction which will be available on all ranks up until SOTW.

Once EOTW is captured, we will host an FFA event in which all factions will be removed and players shall fight to be the last man standing. The winner of this will receive a permanent PRO rank.

An old staff member has recently deleted various posts and has some of mine. We've now setup an automatic backup system and have repaired the damage, however the deleted threads are now gone as we do not have backups.

We're extremely sorry for all damage causes.